Who am I?

A bit self centered I feel the obligation to write such of this page. And other part of me ashamed for the existence of such page. The World of Acoimade is created by me and since I'm not good with English specially when dealing with grammar and such, a friend of mine from simRTK (LoyalistGuardian) help me with the dialogue.

I am a chinese decendant who born and live in Indonesia, a big country in southeast asia. I fall in love with comics since my childhood and begin to draw comic characters before I enter elementary school. But I fail to see how great this medium is until a later phase in my life. So when I finished senior high school I'm quite ignorant of my future, what I want to do with my life and such. To make it short I decide to take a electronic major. During that time, I begin to see things different. I read a lot of novels philosophy and religious book, thinking about my life and such. I particularly fond of novels that could touch people heart and inspire them for a better life. I was quite sure that I want to be a writer until I was introduced to manga with title such as the famous "Akira", "Kenji", "Shoot",Master Keaton", "Sabbath Cafe", "Save my Earth", "Nice Summer" etc.

I should start making comic at that time but no. I put it aside as a childish dream. I focus my time and effort to finish my study. Few years later I graduate and soon I was offered a position in quite a big corporation in my country. For years I burried that dream but its always there waiting for me. And if you read this then you know that I, after that many years, finally decide to make one. I believe one from so many reason why I didn't start it years ago was because I know that I'm not good enough. I don't have courage to tell anyone about it. I try to make comic several time, but stop after few pages. No one ever see them and I don't even know where those things now.

To this I owe internet and webcomics. It give chance for people like me to try and learn as they go. Getting their work displayed, got some critiques, encouragement and such. So please take a look at the comic I made, like them or hate them and perhaps give me critiques and suggestions. You could mail me at acoimade@yahoo.com.

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