One character and two more when we reach page 8. And some other will be added as the story goes further.
(last update Oct 11th 2006)

  Ken David is the main character of this comic. He lives in a small house with his mother. An only child of a single parent, he could not find his place in the world. His mother spent most of her time trying to earn money for both of them, saving for her son's higher education. Never knowing who his father is, he felt that neither his family nor his life is normal. Thus he tend to avoid any contact with others at school. As his mother busy was with her job, he felt alone. He found his place in a virtual world, a Multiplayer online RPG called "The World of Acoimade". Here he could hide his own identity and have the courage to build relations with other. He was deeply involved in the game, until something happened.

 Edgar. No one knows his past or how he got his high position in the Thegalle Corporation. But some rumors say that he was the one behind the technology development for the RES (Real Experience Simulation) technology- which use a low frequency electromagnetic waves to give direct brain stimulation, overwriting a certain level of the player senses with the sensation as the game programmed. This gives a more real experience in gaming. For few years the technology was forbidden but with their political power, relations in government and huge budget, Thegalle Corporation won at the end. With some restrictions and tight regular audits, RES has been used for more than twenty years now, adopted by many other game developers.
 The old man. He was one of those who work privately for Edgar. The leader of senior programmer team, he is just as mysterious as Edgar. He was one among the few who built the first RES prototype. Rumors say that under Edgar, he supervised a small team of scientists working on the second generation of RES for military purposes.

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