Some sketches I do.

Centaur and the princess. Its some of the old sketches I manage to found. I should have some other around that having Batman and Robin, another centaur, dragon and such. If only I could find them.

Black Knight. At this time I was begin to have this idea that if I could finished the comic all with ink and papers all I have to do when its done is scan it and just put it to the web sites then my life will be much easier.

Trapped. I just trying to finished all the part with ink and pen, this is the second attempt after black knight. I don't think its not making my life easier though.
I plan to coloring this one but obviously I'm not good at it. So after hold it for so long I decide to put it here in its raw look. Hopefully I'll have the time to do some coloring. Well I hope after read the Jullie art tutorial again I might be able to do some nice coloring.
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